AIM program has openings

Our Achieving Independence & Maturity (AIM) program currently has openings.  This transition program is for students ages 18-21 and is located in North St. Paul.  If you have a transition age student and would like more information, please contact Emily Richards at EncodedSuccessfully Encoded or by calling 651-348-6574.


What is the AIM Program?

The Lionsgate Academy AIM Program (Achieving Independence and Maturity) is a transitions program for students seeking to become more independent in the area of Independent Living, Employment and Post-Secondary Education.  This program serves students with disabilities and has an emphasis on serving students on the Autism Spectrum (See Lionsgate Mission and Vision).  As students enter the AIM program based on IEP team decision, programming is highly individualized to meet student needs.  Entering the fourth year, the Lionsgate Academy AIM program continues to grow and develop to meet student needs.

Feel free to contact Jessica Bjorkman at  with questions.



2342 Helen Street North
North St. Paul, MN 55109

Phone: 651-348-6574



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