This is a different kind of art class.  In the Art Studio we learn how to ACT LIKE ARTISTS!  We explore, experiment, invent new ways, and embrace mistakes as learning opportunities!

The Art Department at Lionsgate Academy created an original choice-based curriculum designed specially for our school and individualized for each student’s unique talents and future goals.  Mrs. Thomas has been studying Teaching for Artistic Behavior (TAB) since 2013.  The LGA Art Studio Habits guide our daily practice in the Art Studio.  They are listed below (adapted from the “Studio Habits of Mind”, Studio Thinking, 2007).  While all of our classes are unique, these 8 studio habits are the common thread uniting our mission as an Art Department.

  • Focus & Don’t Give Up: Try more than once, ignore distractions, and be productive.
  • Plan & Predict: How long will it take you? What supplies do you need? What challenges will you face?
  • Communicate: Tell a story, take a new perspective, and express yourself.
  • Notice: Be present and pay attention, find the details, and learn by watching others.
  • Reflect: Remember your process, be honest about challenges, and learn from past experiences.
  • Make Mistakes: Love your eraser, let go of perfectionism, invent a new way.
  • Apply Feedback: Trust your creative consultants, keep an open mind, and be flexible.
  • Improve Art Skills: Use your strengths, don’t give up on your challenges, and be better than before.

You’re invited to check out LGA’s online art gallery at Search our school: “Lionsgate Academy”

Mrs. Larson

Mrs. Thomas