Communications Program


The Communication Program at Lionsgate Academy serves a diverse population of students with expressive and receptive communication needs in the 7th to 12th grades.  Often, these students have additional needs for supports in the areas of Cognition, Social Communication, Sensory and Emotional Regulation.  These students may have a range of learning styles in the form of visual, tactile, and kinesthetic stimuli.  Each student has an individual communication program, which encompasses their needs.

We provide a planned and structured interactive environment with visual supports, materials adapted to the students’ learning styles, and opportunities for experiences in an inclusive environment. Students will have the opportunity to gain skills in the areas of communication, regulation, self advocacy, community involvement and independence within a variety of environments.

The Communication Program provides students access to a positive learning environment where they can develop independent skills. The staff in the Communication Program work collaboratively with the students, parents, and other educational staff in the generalization of skills taught within the classroom to other environments. Individuals who work within the Communication Program are trained in techniques to enhance the strengths of our students as well as address their underlying needs.

Core Values

We value:

  • That each person has a purpose and meaning in life and is capable of learning and contributing.

  • Setting high expectations for students, providing the opportunity, and support to meet them.

  • Individual strengths of students and their capacity to develop and grow as individuals.

  • Collaborative environment where staff, students, and family have the opportunity to express their own individuality.

  • Development of communication, regulation, and self advocacy skills  in a variety of modalities.


Ms. Anderson

Ms. Larsen