Lionsgate Academy relies on the generosity of parents, staff and community members to help us help our students. From time to time, LGA will ask for donations for our school.

What Lionsgate Academy Needs

Case Managers

  • Ground coffee
  • 2 video rockers

Health Class

  • Paper towels (for cleaning in the classroom)
  • l Dawn dish soap (for cleaning CPR manikins)
  • Large tube of hand lotion(unscented)
  • Tampons (light, medium, heavy)
  • Pads (medium & heavy)
  • Hair binders (2pkgs)
  • Women’s spray on deodorant
  • Mens spray on deodorant
  • Package of mens M and L  plain white T-shirts
  • Used mens & womens tennis shoes in good condition-sizes (7-15)

Nursing Station

  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Boys sweatpants:  various sizes
  • Girls sweat pants: various sizes
  • T-shirts:  long and short sleeved, various sizes
  • Facial tissues


  • Servers. Preferably less than 6 years old and 64 bit
  • Network diagnostic tools. Things like rj45 cable testers–plain testers and tone and probe devices
  • Multimeters
  • Breadboards, leds, circuit boards, decent soldering tools
  • Patch Panels, Server Racks, Cooling Fans
  • Working LCD monitors or TVs any size
  • Ergonomic keyboards (wireless or wired)