Lionsgate, Autism & Girls


LGA Grils 1The middle and high school years for all young women can be challenging.  The social demands and nuances of communication for girls between the ages of 12 to 18 are intense and complex. The core deficits that are often present in girls with autism exacerbate the challenges for communication, social acceptance and friendships during these years.

While girls can often adapt to a typical school, at Lionsgate, the staff understand and support the unique needs of girls on the spectrum.  Girls at Lionsgate form a bond and often enjoy more meaningful relationships with other girls who share similar challenges.

Because of the higher rates of autism in boys, all too often, this population is underserved and mis-understood.  At Lionsgate, girls are encouraged to develop their talents in an atmosphere of acceptance.  To quote a mom of a Lionsgate girl, “Our daughter blossomed this year and especially grew through the drama program and play production.  She overcame fears and grew her confidence dramatically!”


LGA Girls 4