Special Education


Lionsgate Academy’s Mission for Special Education is to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities through partnerships that promote life-long learning, independence, and self-advocacy enabling students to live, work and participate in the community.



  • Curriculum should be goal-directed, research-based, taught sequentially, developmentally appropriate, and meaningful to the student.
  • Goes beyond academics to foster problem solving, independence, personal self-sufficiency, self-advocacy, and social competence,


  • Inclusion activities provide for an awareness of differences and an opportunity for personal, social, and communicative growth for all students.
  • Provide emotional support and increase self-awareness of students’ own emotions and ability to self-regulate emotions


  • Dedicate ourselves to a collaborative team approach for meeting student needs in the least restrictive environment
  • Create an equal partnership between parents, teachers and learners to foster open, honest communication
  • Students should, to the extent able, be involved in the development of their educational program.

Application across environments/lifelong learning

  • Students should be provided strategies and opportunities to learn, socialize, problem solve, and function across environments.
  • Are adaptable problem-solvers who function effectively in a variety of settings and have the flexibility to withstand change

Full continuum of services

  • Good programming requires the availability of a full continuum of services in a variety of settings drawing from multiple resources.
  • Continuous improvement of services is dependent upon evaluations of systems, programs and student progress and the implementation of needed change.